This is frog filler…..

True Frogs seems perhaps the worst frog name of all? While the family Ranidae occurs on several continents and includes some of the best known and most recognizeable species extant, they are frogs, and in this authors estimation, no more a frog, than another frog in a world filled with frogs–so maybe something like Ranids would be better 🙂

But a frog is a frog, and by any other name its skin is smooth, eyes large and buldging, and the sound of its croaking is sweet.


Costa Rican Frog and Toad Families

Herpetologist have placed the roughly 133 species of frogs and toads found within the Republic of Costa Rica into 8 groups or families.

These are the burrowing toads, toads, glass frogs, poison-dart frogs, tree frogs, leptodactylid frogs, narrow-mouthed frogs, and true frogs.

This website will attempt to provide some representative examples of each family, and to provide links to additional resources.

The frog above belongs to the family Leptodactylidae. This is family which includes the genus eleutherodactylus-and a variety of frogs sometimes referred to as rain frogs has the most species of all CR anuran families with 46.
Costa Rican Frog and Toad Families # of species
Rhynophrynidae (Mexican burrowing toads) 1
Bufonidae (Toads) 14
Centrolenidae (Glass frogs) 13
Dendrobatidae (Poison-dart frogs) 8
Hylidae (Tree Frogs) 43
Leptopdactylidae (Leptodactylid frogs) 46
Microhylidae (Narrow-mouthed frogs) 3
Ranidae (True frogs) 5