New Demands for Healthcare Administration in Real Time

It is obvious to all of us that healthcare is one of the crucial areas of human activity overall. To start with, when a person is thinking about healthcare, the first thing and the first contributors to this field that come to mind are doctors and nurses, of course. However, the healthcare system as a whole is not all down to the ones who have direct contact with their patients and who directly contribute to their general body health. The fact is that doctors and technicians would by no means be able to complete their everyday tasks successfully if there was not for a person that would coordinate their work and organize their timetable. That is when healthcare administration takes the stage since healthcare administrators are in the first place responsible for managing the staff in a certain healthcare facility. Therefore, the aim of this article is to bring to light what their duties exactly are and to point out how the demand to provide healthcare administration in real time has increased.

Various Tasks of Healthcare Administration

Firstly, let us determine what healthcare administration itself is and what the main responsibilities of healthcare administrators are. To start with, healthcare administrators have a huge responsibility on them – their task is to manage the operation of a healthcare facility on daily basis. Their main duty is to handle and manage the staff, in order to have all the tasks completed in due time during each day. According to an expert in the field, a CEO in Massachusetts Bryan Ayers, it is a complex and ever challenging working position:”The days are long, the work is never done, but there are always opportunities to improve what we do to benefit those we serve.”

Since various tasks have to be successfully completed in a short time of a single day and there are various things to pay attention to while creating a daily working schedule for a healthcare facility, healthcare administrators must handle numerous pieces of information and they must make the operation of a healthcare facility reach the requirements set on a daily basis. It is obvious that the ones who work in healthcare administration are under the demand to operate in real time. The next question that might pop up is what enables those healthcare workers to complete their complex and numerous tasks in real time?

How Technology Enables Healthcare Administration in Real Time

We have already explained what a broad range of duties healthcare administration brings. Therefore, one may deliberately claim that managing a healthcare facility nowadays is a close equivalent to running an entire city, without exaggerating. What helps healthcare administrators reach their daily expectations and provide the successful operation of a certain healthcare facility is technology. We are all informed about the rapid development of high technology and the booming of new technological devices that can be found on the market recently. Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine any area of human activity to exist without technology. That is because technology provides people with the ability to complete their working tasks in real time and therefore to contribute to the area they are engaged in.

The same applies to healthcare administration. When it comes to healthcare administrators, high technology and its resources may help them organize the daily schedule and preserve all the information they need to handle in order to provide successful operation of the staff and the facility.

Example: A Study on How Technology Benefits Healthcare Administration

There was a recent study, which examined the hospitals’ struggle to solve essential operational issues. The research was conducted by renowned specialists Cameron Lawrence, David Firth and Floyd Khumalo and published in Information Systems Education Journal. It was dedicated to Western United States medical center and its focus was on studying the benefits of technology on healthcare administration. Since the examiners noticed that the medical centre mentioned was struggling from severe inefficiencies in operating, which cost the facility millions, a new CEO was hired and there were attempts to increase the efficiency of the medical centre by imposing an information system in a form of Real Time Location System. The CEO who took over the administration of the medical centre immediately took an action of resorting to technological resources in order to improve the overall operation of the centre. The results of the study show how the efficiency of the facility examined have increased thanks to the usage of high technology for its benefit. The complete study, as well as the results, can be found on the following website:

To sum up, technology seems to be inevitable in reaching the goals of any working position nowadays. This definitely applies to healthcare administration. According to the newest demands, it is not enough for health administrators to be highly resourceful and have exceptional skills. Therefore, in order to manage the staff in real time more efficiently and to provide a certain healthcare facility with a successful operation, healthcare administrators must resort to using high technology that will benefit their work in a great deal.

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